park hill flats sheffield

a voice from the streets in the sky

streets in the sky

sheffield artist and musician peter jones lived on park hill flats for six years.

he also lived on sheffield's hyde park and kelvin estates, which were modelled on park hill.

park hill is a listed building and won awards when it was built.

pete thinks it's shit.

read his story here, or follow the links to look at his photographs and drawings of park hill, kelvin and hyde park, and read his discussions on various forums.

three parts

there are three parts to the story

to read part one, about life in kelvin flats shefield please go to:

to read part two, about life at hyde park flats sheffield, please go to:

this is part three, about life at park hill flats sheffield; please click the chapter headings on the left.

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there are twelve chapters to pete's story. these will be added over the weeks.

a copy of the book will be available in rare and racey at the top of division street in sheffield in april 2007.

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